Financial Success   



Financial Success

Hospitals across the U.S. are working to improve the financial health of their organization.  Implementing a strategy that will provide financial success requires the leaders understand how their hospital compares to others in the region.

PSI Supply Chain Solutions comprehensive benchmark system allows for clients to view historical and comparative performance in key performance areas such as supply expense and productivity.   See where your facility benchmarks against facilities of similar size and scope of service.

     • Identify Savings through Product Standardization and Clinical Value Analysis and Benchmarking Key Performance Areas to Industry Best Standards
     • Maximize Contract and Prime Vendor Utilization
     • Improve Purchasing and Inventory Control Practices


PSI Supply Chain Solutions – Contract Management System

PSI Supply Chain Solutions has developed a comprehensive web based contract management system that allows for facilities to properly management all of their agreements.  Highlights of the system include:

- Security based user access to view agreements based on level of security granted

- Secure online storage of documents

- Tracking of contract expiration dates

- Email notification sent to key stakeholders prior to contract expiration

Download our Contract Management System Information packet or contact us at for more information on this great software tool for your facility.




PSI Supply Chain Solutions is not affiliated with any GPO or Distributor and will make decisions based in the best interest of our clients.  We will work to maximize your current GPO relationship to drive savings and standardization.  PSI Supply Chain Solutions has worked to identify business partners who can further enhance our impact at our client facilities.  Business partners include: CINTAS, RecoverCare, MidWest Reprocessing Center, TRE, Ganim Medical, Medical Resources, Continental Office Environments



For more information please contact us at
Success Stories

Critical Access Hospital

• Over $280,000 in Documented Cost Savings through product standardization, operational improvements, and staff reductions in the first year of the agreement.

• Significant improvement in Customer Service and Department Leadership

30 Bed Specialty Surgery Center

• Over $500,000 in Identified Cost Savings in the first year of the agreement

• Significant improvement in service to surgery staff that has resulted in increased nursing satisfaction and reduction in OR turnaround time.

48 Bed Acute Care Hospital

• Over $200,000 in Documented Cost Savings
• Improved service level to Medical and Nursing Staff through Education and Enhanced Product Procurement and Distribution Model.
• Materials staff competencies developed and education plan implemented to increase overall staff performance.

52 Bed Acute Care Hospital

• Over $300,000 Documented Cost Savings in the first year of the agreement.
• Nursing Survey Score that rates Materials Customer Service Increase from 3.23 to 4.1on a scale of 1 to 5.

• Development of Health System Supply Chain having total financial impact of more than $600,000 since partnership began.


88 Bed Acute Care Hospital

• Over $650,000 in Documented Cost Savings in the first nine (9) months of the agreement.
• Operational Adjustments in progress to improve Customer Service and Quality of Patient Care.

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